« Social consulting vol.1 »

To drive by, over and over, these hallucinatary homes, for the most part planted right on the edge of the Parisian ring road, at the heart of the noise and pollution of the highway ended up hitting me in my conscience.  All of a sudden it became obvious to me that we need to be aware of the extent of the damage, that we need to rid ourselves of the trivialisation of the situation which alienates our vision of reality.

Through a visual paradox that brings together opposites, my goal is to illustrate the depth of this social trauma. The radical parody using an advertising slogan "social consulting" reads like a brand message; the title as an advertising slogan. Well-used to these codes and visuals, the viewer hesitates until he "gets" the discrepancy.

Here, prosperity rubs elbows with survival, as if a sort of economic fatality is inevitable. The "structural deficit" moves from the economic sphere to the social sphere.  This reality short circuit illustrates the abyss between the haves and the have-nots, and underlines the desperation of the latter.


© Jean-Pierre Attal > 2004