«Ring road congestion » > 2014

In the 2012 series “Ethnographic landscapes, I exported a population from La Défense to surrealist territories.

These urban actors, subjects of my total attention, are put into a new context in this work that documents the everyday automobile asphyxia on one of the most congested arterials of Europe: the Parisian Périphérique.

In truth, this series is about what I call “enhanced documentation”.
- A photographic documentary using pertinent points of view, highlighting the epitome of traffic jams
- “Enhanced documentation” where reality is digitally enhanced. The protocol for the shooting uses a photographic accumulation of vehicles that are then placed in the urban landscape. This gives the
author the ability to choose the final image, to be partially free himself of reality.

But this digital freedom is not directly evident, the image rings true at first glance, fitting with the logic of perception.

What remains is the vision of a flowing multitude, the archetype of the urban hive.


© Jean-Pierre Attal > 2014